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Returning to Normal

Please call to make appointments for Physiotherapy, or Masssage Therapy. If you want to book, please call us (416) 283-6893 (leave a message if necessary). Or you can e-mail us at

For the protection of our patients and staff we will continue with the strict infection prevention protocols and guidelines from the Ontario Ministry of Health.

-June 11 2022

Congratulations Cliffcrest Scarborough Village SW Resident's Association:

The CCSVSWR started their Association just yesterday, and we wish them well.
Cliffcrest Scarborough Village SW Residents Association

-Sept 29th 2020

New Traction Services:

We have aquired a brand new traction table and state of the art Ito TM-400 Traction motor. Patients have long asked us to provide this service, and we have responded.

Please call now to book (416) 283-6893

Fantastic New Look:

Come by to see our new front window graphics. We updated the overhead sign last year and now we have added a matching window treatment.

Please call now to book (416) 283-6893

-July 22nd 2020

Time for Relaxation Massage:

This has been a very stressful time. Many people are not allowed to work, businesses are facing serious challenges, and even those who work are facing extremely difficult work conditions.
This is the perfect time to get some relief from the stress by getting a relaxation massage from one of our highly skilled Massage Therapists.

Consider a relaxing Swedish Massage, an Indie Head Massage, or Foot Reflexology. Let us help you get through this.
Please call now to book (416) 283-6893

-June 11th 2020

We Are Open!

The Province has re-declared us an "Essential Service". We are now open and you can call to make appointments for Physiotherapy, Masssage Therapy, or Orthotics and Braces. If your treatment was interupted by the shutdown, you will not be charged for a new assessment. We will re-assess you during your treatment on your first visit back. If you want to book, please call us (416) 283-6893 (leave a message if necessary). Or you can e-mail us at

For the protection of our patients and staff we will be following the strict infection prevention protocols and guidelines from the Ontario Ministry of Health regarding Covid-19. Those of you who were still visiting us, and whose treatment was interupted when we were forced to shut down, will already be familiar with the protocols, since we adopted most of them at that time.
We look forward to seeing you all again and will be glad to help you again.

-Updated June 1st 2020

COVID- 19 Information for patients:

You will not be allowed to enter the clinic if you have symptoms of Covid-19, you or anyone you have had contact with has traveled anywhere outside of Ontario within the past 14 days, been in contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID – 19, or have been in contact with a person with acute respiratory illness who has been to a COVID- 19 impacted area. All patients will be screened over the phone and each time they enter the clinic. Any patient who is determined to have a possible Covid-19 infection will not be allowed to enter the clinic. Instead, we will refer them for testing at Centennary Hospital so they can be cleared.
Guildwood Physiotherapy complies with the Ontario Ministry of Health protocols regarding infection control. In light of the COVID 19 outbreak, we would like to reassure you that we are taking every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID 19 while continuing to give you the best care possible.
For social distancing we will only have a maximum of 3 patients in the Physiotherapy treatment area at one time. Two will have a private room and a third patient will be in the curtain area. A Massage Therapy patient and an Orthotic/Brace patient will be allowed, each in a private treatment room. Only one person will be allowed in the waiting room at a time. If more people are waiting, we will ask that an additional person wait in their car until a room is ready. All magazines Have been removed from the waiting area. When in the clinic, avoid touching anything whenever possible. Doors will be left open if possible to reduce the need to touch surfaces.
All surfaces that are touched will be thoroughly sanitized and all linens, pillow cases, blankets, towels, etc… will be washed after any patient contact.
Any part of equipment that will be in contact with patients will be sanitized using either alcohol pads or sanitizing wipes. Patients who wish to wear a surgical mask or gloves will be provided with them upon request. We ask that patients who have their own masks, arrive at the clinic wearing the mask, and keep it on until they leave.

Hand Washing Procedures and Sanitizer Use:

All patients using the restroom will be required to follow the following procedure -
Turn on water, wet hands, apply soap from disposable pump bottle, wash hands for 20 seconds making sure to interlock fingers during the process to wash between fingers, washing thumbs and rubbing fingernails into the palm during the process.
After rinsing soap off, leave the tap running and use a disposable paper towel to dry hands. After drying hands, use the towel to turn off the tap and open the door.
Please wash your hands if you feel it is appropriate throughout your visit in the bathrooms provided.
All patients are required to sanitize their hands upon entering the clinic –
Apply hand sanitizer to hands and make sure to rub the sanitizer onto all parts of the hand. Interlock fingers to rub the sanitizer between fingers. Also rub sanitizer onto thumbs and rub fingernails into the palm for 15 seconds.

Thank you for your assistance in helping to prevent the spread of COVID- 19.

-Updated May 28 2020

Car Accident Injuries:

Unhappy with the Physiotherapy clinic that was recommended by your adjuster, doctor, or tow truck driver?

You can change your clinic any time you need. You always have the right to choose your own clinic. Book as soon as possible.

-Feb 21 2020

Need Orthotics?

Our orthotics are made from individually taken plaster-of-paris molds in a non-weight bearing position.
They are handcrafted from hypoallergenic, washable foamed orthopaedic material laminated together layer by layer under vacuum in varying degrees of rigidity.
They provide a combination of firm support and correction, coupled with soft cushioning and shock absorption.
Call now for a free evaluation.

-Feb 16 2020

265 five star ratings:

We are very proud to report that Kamila Puhakka Bsc.PT has accumulated 265 five star ratings at the Sun Life, Provider Profile page, Lumino Health. This page is designed to help you find a highly rated Physiotherapist near you.
See it here.

Click here to access Lumino Health

-Feb 8 2020

Our 25th Anniversary,
First of February 1995 - First of February 2020:

On February first 1995 "East Scarborough Physiotherapy" opened at the Plaza at Port Union Rd. and Lawrence Ave. We started at this location after a few months of operating in a room at home.

The clinic was initially furnished with used furniture, new exercise equipment, a new ultrasound, a TENs machine, and two skilled hands. New equipment followed quickly.

We were pioneers in this region, building a clinic with a warm, carpeted and papered, home-like atmosphere, rather than the traditional, clinical style, with linoleum floors and plain white or green walls. We felt that a more comfortable clinic would provide an atmosphere, better suited for healing. We were also pioneers when we added Massage Therapy and Orthotics and Braces to our services, and when we opened for evening hours.

Ten years later, to the day, we moved in to new diggs in Guildwood, and a couple of years later we changed our name to suit our fabulous new location.

In the wonderful 25 years that have passed, we estimate that we have successfully performed 250,000 individual treatments on over 20,000 happy patients.

We are very proud to see that many of the patients that we saw in the first year, still come to see us, when they need, all these years later.

Because we opened in Guildwood exactly ten years after opening in Port Union, this is also our 15th Anniversary of our opening in Guildwood.

-Feb 1 2020

Injured at work?

Our clinic has 25 years of experience with treating WSIB patients. If you have been injured at work and have applied for WSIB, you can begin treatment. Patients who have applied but have not yet been approved, often begin in our clinic before approval by using their extended health insurance. Once the claim has been approved, they are seamlessly transfered to the WSIB covered treatments. This way you can avoid a delay in beginning treatment and get quicker results.

-Jan 24 2020

Insurance Claim Submission:

Did you know that we can submit your insurance claim, on line, to most insurance companies, each time you pay us? You will still pay us first, but most insurance companies will reimburse you within a couple of days. This lets many of our patients to use a credit card that lets them collect points or air miles (depending on your credit card). If you are attending our clinic for motor vehicle accident injuries, we direct bill and you pay nothing.

-Jan 23 2020


Cupping is now available in our clinic as part of a Physiotherapy treatment, or as part of a Massage Therapy session. This gives you more flexibility to get this popular treatment.

Book now, (416)283 6893

-Jan 22 2020

Hot stone Massage:

Hot Stone Massage is available year round in our clinic.

Call now to book, (416)283 6893

-Jan 22 2020

Relaxation Massage:

Plan to use your Extended Health Insurance for Relaxation Massage throughout the year. While we are usually about treating injuries and post surgical recovery, we also provide Relaxation Massage, year round.
Take advantage of the many benefits of Massage Therapy throughout the year, not just at the end of the year.

Call now to book, (416)283 6893

-Jan 21 2020

New Massage Therapist:

We welcome to our team an new Registered Massage Therapist, Jian (John) Xu. He will be working Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00am to 1:00pm and Fridays from 7:30am to 3:00pm. John will be providing Therpeutic Massage, Swedish Massage, Relaxation Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Massage with Cupping, Foot Reflexology, and Indie Head Massage. You can call now to book appointments.

-Nov 28 2019

Do I Need a Referral:

One of the most common questions we get is "Do I need a Doctors prescription to start Physiotherapy or Massage Therapy?". The answer is no. Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists are primary healthcare providers in Ontario and are entitled to assess and treat patients without a referral. If you want to claim your Physiotherapy or Massage Therapy expenses with your extended health care plan, you may want to check your benefits plan to see if you need one to get reimbursed.

-Nov 27 2019

Car Accidents -Your Clinic is Always Your Choice:

It has been brought to our attention that some insurance adjusters are giving clients, who have been in a car accident, a list of Physiotherapy clinics where they can receive Physiotherapy. We want our patients to know that even if your doctor, insurance adjuster, or tow truck driver suggests a clinic or list of clinics, it is entirely your right to choose your own Physiotherapy clinic, whether it is on the list or not.
This can be very important, since you may be attending a clinic several times a week, perhaps for months, depending on your injuries. Things like being close to home, and having free parking, will quickly become important issues.

Your Physiotherapy clinic is always your choice.

-Nov 20 2019


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