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Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Information:

After discharge from hospital, many patients (see below) should be referred to a rehabilitation hospital or clinic to regain strength and return to independent functioning. It is very important that Physiotherapy begin as soon as possible after surgery.

In our clinic we see patients after many types of orthopedic surgeries, such as rotator cuff tears, Anterior cruciate ligament repairs, total and partial knee and hip replacements, back, foot, and hand surgeries, etc. Appointments are usually available in a day or two.

Our Physiotherapists follow standard treatment protocols or work closely with the surgeon's specific protocol for recovery. Passive exercises and gentle mobilization techniques are used first, and exercises are later introduced to gradually strengthen and return full function.

The exercise program is gradually increased based on the healing time of that particular surgery. We find that using modalities such as laser, ultrasound and Electro-Accuscope help to heal the repair and wound faster with less pain. Our treatments typically last from 45 minutes to 1-1/2 hours, depending on the condition being treated.

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