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Excessive Sweating of Hands and Feet:

Tap Water Iontophoresis has been demonstrated to be an effective treatment for Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of hands and feet) without causing any side effects. There is no medication taken internally or topically and there is no medication added to the water.

The treatment consists of passing a direct current through the skin of the hands or feet, causing the sweat glands to be reversibly obstructed. The current is delivered to the skin while the hands or feet are immersed in plain tap water in two shallow pans. Electrodes in the bottom of the pans are connected to a galvanic current device. Each side is treated for 10 minutes and the treatment is repeated about 3 times per week until satisfactory reduction of sweating is achieved. The effect lasts about 4 to 8 weeks, when the sweating gradually starts to return. We recommend that treatments resume before the sweating returns completely since the restoration to the full effect, if started early, will only take about 3 or. 4 treatments, and will again last another month or two.

Patients who wish to continue for the long term can be taught to administer treatments for themselves at home. The treatments are contraindicated for patients with cardiac pacemakers, heart arrhythmias, or who are pregnant.

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