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Orthotics & Braces:

Orthotics & Braces:

Progressive Orthotic Design Inc. No longer provides services in our clinic.
Please contact them at (416)652-9994

Previously Progressive Orthotic Design has been, in our clinic, the finest quality custom and off-the-shelf orthopaedic appliances since 1989. Their clients range from those who have suffered a sports or traumatic injury, those requiring post surgical splinting, to those who were born with a congenital weakness or developed neuropathy later in life.

Their foot orthotics are:

They are posted according to the amount of correction required and then shaped to fit into the client's footwear. Their highly qualified staff include a certified Orthotist with the Canadian Board for Certfication of Prosthetists and Orthotists, who is a registered vendor with the Ontario Ministry of health's Assistive Devices Program. All of their devices are fabricated using state-of-the-art materials and components and designed according to the needs and specifications of the client. Progressive Orthotic Design Inc. offers free consultations, and they bill for their devices according to the specific guidlines set by the Ministry of Health.

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