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What We Treat

What We Treat

Orthopedic Injury Image

Orthopaedic Injuries

Guildwood Physiotherapists assess and treat a wide range of Orthopaedic Injuries.

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Post Surgical Rehab Image

Post Surgical Rehab

Guildwood Physiotherapy treats patients after many types of orthopedic surgeries.

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Sports Injuries Image

Sports Injuries

Guildwood Physiotherapy has extensive experience treating sports injuries.

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Car Accident Image

Car Accidents

Guildwood Physiotherapy has extensive experience dealing with car accidents injuries.

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Arthritis Image


Guildwood Physiotherapy provides treatments to decrease pain and stiffness from arthritis.

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Positional Vertigo Image

Positional Vertigo

Guildwood Physiotherapy provides Epley Maneuve treatment for positional vertigo.

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Hyperhidrosis Image


Guildwood Physiotherapy provides Tap Water Iontophoresis to treat excessive sweating of hands and feet.

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Nerve and Facial Pain Image

Nerve & Facial Pain

Guildwood Physiotherapy can enhance nerve healing and decrease nerve pain through Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse.

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Repetitive Strain Injury Image

Repetitive Strain Injury

Guildwood Physiotherapy can assess and treat your injuries and analyze your work station and work habits to prevent further injury.

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