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What is a Physiotherapist:

Physiotherapists are independent health care practitioners who assess, diagnose, and treat Orthopaedic injuries, sports injuries, car accident injuries, post surgical rehabilitation, cardiorespiratory, and neurological conditions as well as many related conditions and ailments, both in Private Practice and in all Canadian Hospitals. The roots of Physiotherapy date back to the World Wars, when extra medical staff was required to help rehabilitate injured soldiers. The need for increased awareness of medical pathologies gradually led to the current, broad medical education which all Physiotherapists receive.

Physiotherapists are trained in a recognized Canadian University’s Faculty of Medicine, and have a previous degree to enter the Physiotherapy program. You do not require a Doctor’s referral to see a Physiotherapist since they are Primary Healthcare Providers and are fully qualified to diagnose and treat conditions which are within the scope of practice of Physiotherapy.

A Registered Physiotherapist will refer you back to your Doctor if your condition is found to be beyond the scope of Physiotherapy.

Additional Information:

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