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Shoulder Injuries

Information About Shoulder Injuries:

Shoulder injuries are a common reason for patients to seek our help. The causes of these injuries are faulty body mechanics, poor postural alignment, prolonged immobilization, or inflammation due to a variety of causes such as trauma (usually from an impact), surgery recovery, tendinitis, or bursitis.

The condition is treated when the acute condition begins to subside by gradually increasing motion and activity. If it is treated early enough, the complications of joint and soft tissue contracture can usually be avoided.

With shoulder injuries, a chronic problem can easily develop. The patient tends to avoid moving the injured shoulder, due to pain, which will usually result in restricted motion, and if the patient does not receive treatment, he or she will develop limited motion from tightness of the muscles and capsule (the non elastic band covering the shoulder joint). This condition is called "Frozen Shoulder".

It is important to receive treatment for shoulder problems before this stage is reached. Recovery from a frozen shoulder, to full pre-injury condition, can take several months. Early treatment by a Physiotherapist to speed healing, reduce pain, and increase mobility can prevent frozen shoulder from occurring.

There are many shoulder pathologies and each has a specialised treatment plan that has to be closely monitored. In general, the aim of treatment is to restore full function of the arm/shoulder, to control pain, inflammation, swelling, muscle guarding, as well as to maintain soft tissue and joint mobility and integrity.

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