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Back and Neck Injury

Back & Neck Pain:

Back and neck pain can originate from many sources:

  • Muscle strain
  • Herniated disk
  • Bulging disk
  • Degenerative disk disorder
  • Arthritis
  • Facet Joint Syndrome
  • and other sources

Your Physiotherapist is uniquely trained to determine the source of your pain by the use of their detailed and comprehensive assessment technique. Once the source of your pain is determined, we will be able to set up the appropriate therapy.

We can help prevent a ruptured disk by restoring a bulging disk, heal your strain or sprain, help you improve your posture, reduce the pain from arthritis and provide effective treatments for many other conditions.

What you can do to help prevent injury:

  1. Bend only at the knees, hips, and arms when lifting. Never bend from the waist.
  2. Never twist your body while lifting or carrying a load. Shuffle your feet to turn instead.
  3. Always turn and face the object you wish to lift.
  4. Never lift a heavy object higher than your waist.
  5. Avoid carrying unbalanced loads and hold heavy objects close to your body.
  6. Never carry anything heavier than you can handle with ease.
  7. Never lift or move heavy furniture. Seek help from somebody who is trained in lifting and using lifting aids.
  8. Avoid sudden movements or sudden overloading of muscles.
  9. Learn to keep the head in line with the spine when standing, sitting, or lying in bed.
  10. See your Physiotherapist for instruction on lifting techniques, posture, and strengthening exercises. Never do exercises which are painful to your back.

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