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Electro-Acuscope & Electro-Myopulse:

The Electro-Acuscope, and Electro-Myopulse are a modern miracle in pain relief and tissue healing.

Trusted by Physiotherapists, athletic therapists, osteopaths, veterinarians, podiatrists, acupuncturists, massage/craniosacral therapists, MD's, cosmetic surgeons, estheticians as well as professional sports franchises across North America for over 25 years, the Acuscope and Myopulse have proven themselves to be consistently effective in chronic pain control, trauma rehabilitation, anti-aging and accelerated healing.

Incorporating aerospace technology, these FDA approved, microcurrent instruments stimulate “tissue repair” rather than "muscle contraction" by utilizing a proprietary “carrier wave” that gathers tissue impedance information. The instruments' feedback modulated microprocessors provide a gentle energy that “whispers” at tissue accelerating the body's own natural healing abilities.

The principal upon which these devices work called "The Ion Channel System" has also been confirmed by Erwin Neher and Bert Sakmann, winning them the Nobel Prize.

Ion Transport

This animation shows "Ion Transport". Watch the green ion moving up.